Monthly Archives: February 2019

Italian Red Cross Military Corps join NCT Europe!

Responders from the Italian Red Cross Military Corps have confirmed their attendance to the CBRNe training sessions at the 8th edition of NCT Europe taking place from the 26th to the 27th of June at the Tritolwerk CBRN and Disaster Relief Training Area of the Austrian Armed Forces! The Military Corps now join the following teams and observers for

One day away from NCT South America!

We are only one day away from the start of NCT South America 2019 at Copacabana Fort!! Our official partnership with the Brazilian Army is bringing in high-level decision-makers and experts in order to share knowledge and best practices within the field of CBRNe security and defense. Stay tuned in to our Facebook page for photos

Cpt. Schettine to speak on Decon!

Cpt. Ruan Schettine de Oliveira from the 1st CBRN Defense Battalion of the Brazilian Army is going to speak in the session “Decontamination: from People to Electronics.” In this session, Cpt. Schettine will join Brig. Gen. Larry Lynch Solís, Deputy Commander-General of the Volunteer Fire Service of Peru and Cpt. Magno, Chief CBRNe Instructor in