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NCT Middle East 2017 closes the season!

After a successful NCT Middle East in Doha, the NCT event series has come to an end. Albeit the current political situation in the Gulf, the event has proven its success with the attendance of over 120 delegates, addressing the most pressing issues of Qatar and the region in general. We would like to thank

New events in 2017

The CBRNe society is proud to present its 2017 agenda of NCT events, hosted in cooperation with IB Consultancy.

Welcome to the CBRNe Society

Welcome to the new website of the new CBRNe Society, bring the world of CBRNe together. The International CBRNe Society is a foundation that serves as the nucleus of the global CBRNe community by developing and sharing knowledge, promoting innovation and building bridges between relevant governmental, military, industrial and scientific stakeholders. Through the Foundation, these