Event description

The Non-Conventional Threat (NCT) South America 2018 will take place in the beating heart of Colombia from 13-14 February 2018. The two-day event will host the famous NCT conference, a vibrant exhibition and an exquisite networking reception. The event will take place at the luxury W Hotel in Bogota located in the exclusive Santa Barbara Business district.

South America has seen an increase in awareness in CBRNe threats in the past years. While Peru’s Shining Path terrorist group’s influence has declined with the success of Peru’s military operations on the one hand, and the ELN and FARC have been actively engaged in Peace Talks with the Colombian government, the terrorism threat in the region is still a reality.

Drugs remain a problem in South America. One cannot underestimate the continued activity of split-militia, as anti-government militia play a major role in the illicit drug trade, primarily to fund most of their illegal activity. The international ripple effect should motivate our CBRNe community to contribute to South America’s actions in fighting against the drug-trade. Furthermore, the moment is ripe to address Colombia’s major UXO problem. In light of the continuation of the cease-fire, demining and EOD have become central activities to ensure the population’s safety.

NCT South America 2018 will be organized in cooperation with our Official Event Partner: The Centro de Information Quimica (CINQUI). It will provide outstanding opportunities to meet leading international experts, South American decision-makers and first responders in the field of CBRNe defense and response.

The NCT South America exposition will have a special setup matching the South American vibe in the W Hotel: instead of the classic booths with low tables, companies will have a high table and modern dividers which separate you from your neighbors.


Read more at the NCT South America event website.


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