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The CBRNe Society is the organizer of the NCT event series. NCT  events started as commercial events hosted by NCT Consultants. Today, these events are hosted by the CBRNe Society in close cooperation with NCT Consultants which is tasked with the logistical organization and the industry component of the events. The CBRNe Society has sole responsibility for the program of the conferences and the links with our government partners.

Visit the NCT Events site to see all the upcoming events.

Our mission

We believe that creating platforms within the CBRNe community is important. In our view, moving forward is only possible through cooperation. Our mission is to serve as the nucleus of the global CBRN community by developing and sharing knowledge, promoting innovation and building bridges between relevant governmental, military, industrial and scientific stakeholders. Through the Society, these stakeholders are given the opportunity to share knowledge, expertise, and form partnerships to strengthen resilience against CBRNe threats.

CBNW powered by NCT Magazine

The CBNW powered by NCT Magazine provides the CBRNe Community with a modern platform to read news, exchange knowledge and opinions. The CBNW is published quarterly with original articles written by experts from the global CBRNe community, news from the web and industry news. The CBNW Magazine aims to bring together professionals in the field of CBRN and EOD. It also connects policymakers and non-proliferation stakeholders with responders and security professionals, forging a link between the world of treaties and policies, and the world of practical response.

Our mission is to make this world a safer and more secure place

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